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Disc Sander TG 250/E item no. P28060
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Sands long edges, end sections, radii, mitres, and, by turning the workpiece over - accurate flat surfaces at right angles.

Used on soft and hard woods, non-ferrous metals, steel, plastics (perspex and PC cards), cork and rubber. A simple chart indicates the recommended speeds on different materials.

Sturdy construction:
Main body of ribbed die-cast aluminium (not a steel tube or sheet metal construction). Machined backing disc, driven by a twin ball bearing spindle. Self-adhesive sanding discs fix firmly and can be replaced quickly. A dust collection adapter for attaching a vacuum cleaner or dust extractor is included.

Technical data:
220 - 240V with drive via optibelt toothed belt (reduction ratio 7.3:1).
Electronic speed control approx. 250 - 750 rpm.
Disc diameter 250 mm.
Maximum sanding height 135 mm, table 275 x 105 mm (tilts 15 in, 45 out).
Overall size without table 330 x 280 x 230 mm.
Complete with mitre gauge and 2 each sanding discs of 80 grit and 240 grit.

With suction connection and adapter for dust-free, clean sanding. We recommend the use of our vacuum cleaner controller AS/E or our compact workshop vacuum cleaner CW-matic.

Self-adhesive corundum sanding discs for TG-250/E: Industrial quality. For sanding soft and hard woods, laminates, non-ferrous metals, steel, plastics, cork, rubber and minerals. D250 mm.

- item P28970 - 80 grit (5 discs)
- item P28972 - 150 grit (5 discs)
- item P28974 - 240 grit (5 discs)

Self-adhesive silicon carbide sanding discs for TG-250/E: For sanding non-ferrous metals, steel, glass, PC cards, plastics and ceramics. May also be used with the coolant option. D250 mm.

- item P28976 - 320 grit (5 discs)
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