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Outrunner Brushless Motor ROXXY 3536/ 06 item no. 4780
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ROXXY BL motors are lightweight, powerful, high-torque, low-revving external rotor (outrunner) motors, specially designed for use with Lithium-Polymer batteries. Brushless motors with neodymium magnets are the latest generation of electric motor.
Outrunner motors in particular require no gearbox, i.e. they are high-torque motors with good efficiency over a broad performance spectrum.
The special construction of outrunner motors means that they are capable of driving large propellers directly, without a gearbox.

Therefore, the ROXXY 3536/ 06 motor is ideal for direct-drive applications, and perfect for hovering and torque roll manoeuvres with models that weight under 1000 g; they can also be used for normal flight on models under 2000 g.
- Maximum copper fill and high-quality Neodymium magnets for excellent efficiency
- Large, precision ballraces for smooth running
- Motor can be mounted by either end
- Supplied with silicone cables and gold-contact connectors

Nr. celule: 2-3 Li; 6-10 NiMH
Curent nominal: 33 A
Curent maxim: 38 A 
(60 sec)
Turatie (in gol): 1250 rpm/ V
Elice: 10 x 6, 11 x 7 inch

Putere maxima la ax: 280 W
Tractiune maxima: 1700 g
Masa: 109 g
Dimensiuni: D35 x L36 mm
Diametru ax: 4 mm

Pentru acest motor este disponibil ax de schimb: cod 47993536

Masuratori pe stand cu elice HD1060 cu 3 pale (10 x 6 inch)
Tensiune: 11.1 V
Curent absorbit: 33 A
Tractiune: aprox. 1440 g

Rezultat masuratori si teste pentru navomodele:


  Acumulator Curent Tractiune
Elice # 1456 2 pale D35 LiPo 7.4V/ 4000 mA 15 A 1400 g
Elice # 1456 2pale D35 LiPo 11.1V/ 4000 mA 24 A 2300 g