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Mini Digital Oscilloscope DSO112A touch screen item no. MQ-425
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DSO112A is a pocket oscilloscope with color display and touch panel.
DSO112A is an upgraded model of DSO112 with re-designed schematic and PCB. Due to the new design this oscilloscope becomes more accurate and reliable. As high as 2mV/div sensitivity and ultra low background noise made the device particularly useful for measuring weak signals. Up to 24 presets with customizable titles allow setups be retrieved in seconds. While keeping all performance of DSO112 this new model brings in the following improvements:
Maximum sensitivity was increased to 2mV/div (older version is 5mV/div) with lower background noises.
Fixed the vertical position mismatch problem found in the older model.
Save/recall up to 24 parameter presets. This allows quick setup for frequently performed measurements.
Preset titles can be customized for easy remembering and identifying.
Expanded and improved on-screen measurement displays which include frequency, Vmax, Vmin, Vavr, Vpp, and Vrms.
Added external trigger feature.
Provided a two-way serial control interface which can output data/measurements and receive commands. This will make the device suitable for integration to customer applications.
Replaced out-dated miniUSB connector with more popular microUSB connector.
Enclosure strength enhanced.
Number of Channel: 1
Analog Bandwidth: 0 - 2MHz
Sensitivity: 2mV/Div - 20V/Div
Sensitivity error: < 5%
Resolution: 8-bit
Input Impedance: 1M ohm
Maximum Input voltage: 50Vpk
Coupling: DC, AC, GND
Voltage measurement cursors available
Auto-measurement of Vavr and Vpp

Max Real-time Sampling Rate: 5Msps
Timebase: 1us/Div - 50s/Div
Record Length: 512 and 1024 variable
Time measurement cursors available
Trigger Modes: Auto, Normal, Single
Trigger Types: Rising/falling edge
Trigger Position: 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, and 7/8 of buffer size
Trigger Source: internal, external
External trigger voltage range: 0 - 15V
Test Signal Generator
7 freqencies from 1Hz to 1MHz selectable.
Amplitude 3.3V fixed
Other Features
Save captured waveform to EEPROM and recall after power outage
Save/recall up to 24 presets
Serial data/control interface
USB firmware upgrade
2.4" color TFT LCD with 320 x 240 resolution
Power Supply
3.7V Li-ion battery/USB
Supply Current: 300mA @ 3.7V(LCD backlight ON).
Built-in charger
Dimension: 80 x 70 x 18 mm
Weight: 85 grams (not including cables)