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CNC Mill
Router 3 axe 400 x 300/ 500W/ USB CNC item no. SR4030-500
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New 500W Spindle 3040 Router Desktop Mini CNC Machine with USB Interface
- BAll Screw, high precision 
- Can be updated into CNC 3040 4 Axis Router easily
- 500W DC spindle for selection
- Limited switch added
- Auto-Checking function, easy to set origin of Z axis 
- Technical support always available, video supported
- Software: compatible with Mach3 or USB CNC software
- CE approved 
- Can be connected with computer by parallel port and notebook by USB interface 
- English manual available
- Can engrave material such acrylic, brass, wood, aluminum, PCB and so on. 
- From reliable & trustable profesional mini CNC router manufacturer
- Original Mach3 software can be provided

500W Spindle 3040 Router Desktop Mini CNC Machine Parameters
Effective working travel 370(X)mm*280(Y)mm*55(Z)mm
Shape dimension 625*510*410mm
Table size 520*320
Frame materials aluminum      alloy 6063 and 6061
Driving units  X/Y/Z axis 1204      Ball Screw
Sliding units  X axis Dia.16mm      chrome plate shafts
Sliding units  Y axis Dia.20mm      chrome plate shafts
Sliding units  Z axis Dia.13mm      chrome plate shafts
Stepping motor type 57      two-phase 2.5A
Spindle motor Brand      new 230w dc motor  1000~8000PRM/Min
Principal axis collet ER11/3.175      mm
Repeat accuracy 0.05mm
Spindle precision radial      beat accyracy is 0.03 mm
Carving Instructions G      code, or any MACH3 support format file
Software environment Windows      xp/ Windows 7
Maximum speed 0-3500mm/min
Carving speed 300-2500mm/min      (different materials different)
Computer connection On      board parallel port and USB port
Acceptable software Mach3,      USB CNC, EMC2
Protection Emergency      stop button
Operating Voltage AC220V/110V

Packing list:
- 3040 CNC machine main body
- controller box
- parallel cable
- USB cable
- power cable
- 5 pcs engraving bit
- 1 set of clamp tool
Packing: 1 carton box (27KG)
Packing size: 63 x 51 x 42 cm

This 500W Spindle 3040 Router Desktop Mini CNC Machine can be widely used to engrave wood, acrylic, brass, alumimun,PVC, PCB and so on.