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Our company, Sierra Modellsport, was founded in 1997. In January 2001 the business became modellsport oriented (sales, services and production) in a period when the market was characterised by an acute lack of articles in this field. For nearly 10 years the modellsport was treated with too much indifference in Romania.

In the next period of time, the start of activities was prepared for six months, including full editing and printing of the first Modellsport Catalogue printed in Romanian language in Romania. Immediately following the first imports and the official opening of our store on April 28, 2002, attended by many modellers enthusiasts from all over the country.

Late 2002 until the end of 2005 marks an era in which, besides the sales activity, we developed a sustained mass production activity in model and accessories manufacture for export to all Europe, in partnership with Avira GmbH lead by Mr. Walter Born. At that time, many of the models designed for export have become also fashion celebrities in Romania. Thanks in particular to the flight characteritics, these models were well received by many of the passionate scale models in Romania.

In 2003 our presence on the web was required, so the website was developed which became a reference for how to provide information to the customers. In 2007 the company website received a complete change of design, technology and structural changes in to the benefit of our clients.

After 2005 and until now, in parallel with a decrease in mass production activity as a result of a battle that, unfortunately, was won by manufacturers of China, we have focused our activity on sales and services to enthusiasts of scale models from Romania.

March 2009 was the moment of geographic and qualitative change of the place in which we operate. All departments (warehouse, service, production, accounting) will work from now in just one location, with larger area for better collaboration between departments and better serving our customers.

April 2010 comes with a natural step in our development, the english version of our website, called


We are talking today about a mature company with a business that brings in the middle of his preoccupations the concern of satisfying the desires of all modellsport enthusiasts. The biggest satisfaction for us was and will be when our customers come back to us for new services. We are a team that always wants to excel itself, make a difference by professionalism, dynamism, competence and seriousness. Continuous improvement of our performance is an ongoing objective for us, in order to face market demands.