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Saptamana Altfel 2017
The Other Week: Knowing More, Being Better! In the pictures below you can see the curiosity, delight and joy of the children who visited the Aeromodelism and Navomodelism Club. They saw how the modeling circle was organized and received some introductory notions about the construction of aeromodels and navomodels, piloted the airplanes and helicopters in the simulator, and watched some airplane videos in flight. There were beautiful moments with them, attention and concentration sometimes, but also for fun and relaxation. Much success in everything you want to achieve!
FUN TO FLY SAPPHIRE, 31 Iulie 2016
Energy, excitement, the joy of participating in a competition, the desire to overcome your own limits and fly as high as this is what happened to the SAPPHIRE free flight airplane competition. Today's event was a real pleasure! It's admirable how the kids collaborated as true friends and showed sportiness when they realized that not all of them can get maximum flight time, even for reasons not related to the construction of the model. Each flight was unique and different. Congratulations to the winners and all the participants!
HANGARIADA - 21 Mai 2016
HANGARIADA - Festival de Arta si Zbor, Aeroclubul Alexandru Matei Iasi The Spring Ending Festival, which gives the summer tune in the summer, has beautifully prepared this edition with a host of events, including an airplane exhibition and a flight simulator stand for the piloting art. Aeromodels have evolved with spectacular acrobatic flights and spectators have been delighted with miniature models, just like large planes. Thank you for your invitation. Professor Eugen Ciurariu from the Iasi Aeromodeling Club. We will be glad to see you at the next edition for three days full of flying and local art!
Rapa Rosie 5 Mai 2016
Fun To Fly, Rapa Rosie Sebes, 15th Edition, 5 to 8 May 2016. It was beautiful, like every other year and will definitely return next year with great pleasure. We had rain and good weather but also for flight, beautiful designs of all kinds and many discussions with dear friends, waiting for the rain to go ... :) We thank the organizers, especially Ovid and Babos Andras Bora !! Healthy and to meet again at the next edition!
Fun To Fly 1 August 2015
The junior modellers from our club have left a beautiful impression at their first ever model airplane contest. They have been rewarded with rounds of applause, trophies and diplomas of participation. The was no lack of excitement and no lack of desire to be the best, we were pleased to read on their faces the pleasure of competing. Congratulations to all participants, especially to the winners! There were moments of concentration but also fun and relaxation with you. Wishing you good luck further on !!
Modeling Expo took place in Cluj between 8th to 9th of November 2014 at CORA. It was an event for children and parents, through which the organizer, Parent InFloresti Association and its partner, Romanian Association of Plane Modeling (ARA), aims to promote modelism as a sport, providing an alternative for children spending their spare time in a recreative and educational way. Thanks to Laura and Andras Babos because they have made it possible to spend two wonderful days with beautiful, talented children, who are willing to learn about all branches of modelism!Congratulations!
Sierra attended this year's edition of the INTERNET & MOBILE WORLD 2014, which took place between 8th to 9th of October 2014, with multicopters from our provider, DJI INNOVATIONS.We had many interesting discussions with many people and companies interested in this field - aerial photography and filming.
Model Cars Contest
September Cultural Fest Botosani - Cars Contest, 14th of September 2014. Sierra organized a demonstration contest cars for 1:10 and 1:8 scale electric and combustion engine, with inter-county participation. Many thanks for the participation of teachers from Children's Palace in Vaslui, Bicaz, Campulung Moldovenesc, Suceava and Harlau.
Boats Model National Championship 2014
National Championship of Boat Models landed for the first time in Falticeni, competition dedicated to RC boat models.The sporting event, organized by CSTA (Applied Technical Sports Club) Suceava and Romanian Federation of Modeling, in partnership with the Hall of Falticeni, took place at the nautical training base "Enchanted Isle" Falticeni, Suceava. The competition was divided into five classes of models and two groups of participants: juniors and seniors. The event was attended by sport clubs over the country, represented by athlets from Bucharest, Craiova, Galati, Medgidia and Constanta.
Rapa Rosie May 1, 2014
Meeting Fun Fly, Rapa Rosie, Sebes - Alba Iulia, edition-13, 1 to 4 May 2014. Was beautiful, like every year either. We had rain and good weather but flight and beautiful designs of all kinds. They flew in all, gliders, airplanes and several helicopters. Cristi Matica Arad us excited every time the performances given by him. Some brave marked flew at night with LED models. It was beautiful and we will definitely return next year with great pleasure. We thank the organizers, especially Ovid Bora. Let's review the good and the next edition.
RC AIR SHOW Brasov 2013
Intalnire modelistica traditionala RC AIR SHOW editia a X-a, organizata de Hobby Construct in perioada 19-21 Iulie 2013. Anul acesta sa desfasurat in locul mult agreat de noi, unde a inceput aceasta poveste la Aerodromul Sportiv Iosif Silimon din Sanpetru, Brasov. Participantii au avut parte de vreme buna, mult zbor, modele frumoase, prieteni dragi si bineinteles traditionalul gulas. Organizarea a fost excelenta iar pentru asta multumim organizatorilor, in special lui Zoltan Giro Csabai, Giro-Csabai Csilla si FlyPol Aerogrup! A fost o editie reusita, cea mai buna de pana acum, sa ne vedem cu bine si la urmatoarea editie!!
Rapa Rosie April 27, 2013
Fun Fly meeting held at Rapa Rosie, Sebes - Alba Iulia, 12th edition, between 25th and 28th of April 2013. Great meeting, as previous editions, good flying weather, slope wind, good track, beautiful models of all sizes, enough crashes, prizes, stories, friends, grills and an awesome landscape! Excellent organization, excellent attendance with plenty of good vibes. Hope to see everybody next year! Congratulations to the organizers, especially to BIG!
July 14, 2012 Iasi
Formula ICAR - RC Sail Plane Competition, held on July 14, 2012 on the airfield in Iasi at the "Al. Matei" airclub. Since it's the first edition there were few participants but we hope to have a larger number of participants on the next editions. We had sun, wind and thermal currents, technical discussions, humor, pizza and of course diplomas and awards. Thanks to Professor Ciurariu and to Mr. Iulian Macovei for organization and wish for these competitions as many participants as possible.
June 22, 2012 Cluj
Intalnire Fun-Fly "Napoca Air", desfasurata la Cluj pe Aerodromul Traian Dirjan din Dezmir, in perioada 22 - 24 Iunie 2012. Am avut la dispozitie: pista de zbor cu iarba tunsa, participanti deosebiti cu modele deosebite, concursuri antrenante cu premii, diplome si cupe, vant de panta din plin, incepatori care au asimilat din cunostintele celor cu experienta, chef de CHEF cu mici, bere si muzica profi si promisele sarmale. Multumiri lui Andras Babos si echipei Napoca Air pentru organizarea impecabila.
Rapa Rosie May 1, 2012
Fun Fly meeting at Rapa Rosie, Sebes - Alba Iulia - 11th edition, from April 26th to May 1st, 2012. Another very successful edition with great organization, sun and good weather. As usual there were some great special models, prizes, barbecue, beans in pot and karaoke show. We were particularly pleased by the airshow made with planes and helicopters by master pilots Andrei Straccini from Brasov and Cristi Matica from Arad. Surely we will return with pleasure to the next edition. Big thanks to the organizers, especially to Mr. Ovidiu Bora (BIG).
Brasov 5 August 2011
Traditional model meeting "Hobbyconstruct AIR SHOW Days" eighth edition, organized by Mr. Giro Zoltan during 5-6-7 August 2011. This year the meeting has been held in our beloved place, where this meeting started, at the Iosif Silimon airfield in Sanpetru, Brasov. The participants had good weather, a lot of flying, beautiful models, slope wind, dear friends and of course, the traditional goulash. The organization was excellent and for that we thank the organizers, another successful edition !!
23 July 2011 Bistrita
FUN FLY meeting organized by Walter Born in Bistrita aerodrome on July 22 to 24, 2011. Because time does not really love us were present a small number of participants but the good part was that almost every participant received a special prize from the sponsors present. In conclusion it was a successful meeting in a relaxing atmosphere and a great landscape. Thanks Walter for the organization and hopefully a future event to Bistrita to meet as many modelers.
June 1, 2011 Alba Iulia
HIGH FLY 2011 - Annual meeting organized by RED SKY RC club from Alba Iulia held between 26 to 29 May 2011 on A51 airfield. Those present had part of radio security, grass track, camping place and unlimited flight space. Three great days! Beautiful weather, great atmosphere, spectacular flights, special models and for all that there is one 'guilty' man: LUCIAN !! Thank you for this unforgettable meeting !
Rapa Rosie May 1, 2011
Fun Fly National Meeting, Rapa Rosie, Sebes - Alba Iulia-10 edition, April 29 to May 1, 2011. It was great. We had good weather, beautiful models, prizes, barbecue, beans to pot and karaoke show. He flew all: gliders, helicopters, planes and more. Cristian Matica in Arad has made agreat show like everytime. Some brave models flown at night lit by LEDs. It was beautiful and we will definitely return next year with great pleasure. Thanks to the organizers.
Brasov 6 August 2010
HOBBYCONSTRUCT AIR SHOW - Traditional meeting for model enthusiasts, held between 6 to 8 August 2010 in SACELE, BRASOV. Two beautiful long days with lots of flying, a spectacular variety of models, discussions and fun with friends and hot traditional goulash near the official tent. Many thanks to Mr. ZOLTAN GIRO and his team for the excellent organization of this event. Congratulations and see you again next year.
June 12, 2010 Iasi
F3A Iasi: June 12 "Moldova Cup", June 13 "Iasi Cup". The model airplanes section from the "Alexandru Mati" club Iasi organized in premiere first two phases of the Romanian Cup in F3A. Competitors from Bacau, Suceava, Botosani and Iasi have evolved. The organizers have offered cups, diplomas and medals, and the sponsors (Sierra ModellSport, Omega-Tehnoton and DIV Computers) awarded outstanding modellsport products and 1:1 airplane flights.
June 1, 2010 Alba Iulia
The HIGH FLY meeting 2010 organized by RED SKY RC Club from Alba Iulia, held between 27 to 30 May 2010 in Alba Iulia on the A51 airfield. The ones that were present benefit from high RC security, excellent flight time, outstanding models controlled by skillfull pilots, in two words, a complete show. The organization was excellent so many thanks to Lucian and those who took care of the good development of the event.
Rapa Rosie May 1, 2010
Fun Fly meeting, Rapa Rosie, Sebes - Alba Iulia, 9th edition, April 29 to May 2, 2010. A large scale event with approx. 200 transmitters submitted on frequency tables, large participation of modellers and their families, sun and excellent weather for flight, various models, prizes, barbeque, free beer and good will. We thank the organizers, especially Mr. Ovidiu Bora, who are able to make us say after every meeting: we want to go back to Rapa Rosie.
Fair December 17, 2009
GIFTS FAIR, EXHIBITION - MODELLSPORT ARTICLES - Iulius Mall Suceava city, held between 17 to 20 December 2009. As in previous years we have introduced new models, both model helicopters, model aircrafts, model cars and model boats and a wide range of accessories. With some of the models we performed live demonstration. For most of our visitors, our booth was a pleasant surprise that brought them great joy.
14 August 2009 Bistrita
The model airplane contest "Bistrita Cup" was hosted for the first time, a private airfield in Livezile, Bistrita between 14 and 16 August. The competition brought together dozens of participants from several counties that have competed in free-flight and motor-gliders. The "Bistrita Cup" also meant aerobatic flights, air show, everything that makes stay with their eyes sticked to the sky. Main sponsors: Born Consult form Bistrita and Sierra ModellSport from Botosani.
Brasov 1 August 2009
Traditional meeting for model aircraft enthusiasts HOBBYCONSTRUCT DAYS sixth edition of 2009, at Sacele, July 31 to August 2. Some statistics from the organizer, Mr. Giro Zoltan: 45 participating pilots, 74 model aircraft used, 47 attendants, 12 Hobbyconstruct supporters (including 1 mayor + family), 0 incidents, n spectacular flights, 4 TV reporters, 100 l of "hungarian gulas" according to tradition, 3 days of favorable weather conditions and n +1 happy, excited spectators.
June 1, 2009 Alba Iulia
HIGH FLY model aircraft meeting organized by RED SKY CLUB form Alba Iulia, held between 28 to 31 May 2009 in Alba Iulia on a model airplane special airport, called the A_51. The ones that were present enjoyed turf runway, utilities, RC security, camping place and virtually unlimited flight space. Also, live broadcast from the "scene" for those who could not reach the meeting. Although rain was always there, it didn't prevent the pilots to fly their models with great skill.
Rapa Rosie May 1, 2009
Fun Fly meeting, Rapa Rosie, Sebes - Alba Iulia, the 8th edition, April 30 to May 3, 2009. We had flights, fun, raffle prizes and pot bean soup, wind, rain and sun, power, ecological toilets and garbage bin. We had also enjoyed the helicopter flight show, gliders at slope and from small model airplanes to big model airplanes. It was beautiful! Especially thanks to the sponsors and the organizer, Ovidiu Bora from Alba Iulia.
Vaslui 30 August 2008
DEMONS'S CUP Stage II - Open competition for 1:10 ELECTRIC ONROAD model cars held in Vaslui form 30 to 31 August 2008. Many thanks for the excellent organization of Prof. Constantin Olaru - Vaslui Children Club and Mr. Gabriel Mutu - Demon's Race Bucharest. First 3 pilots in the ranking: 1. MELINTE LUCIAN - Vaslui Children Club, 2. IONESCU CRISTIAN - Bucharest Children Club, 3. CIORNEI RARES - Bucharest Children Club.
Brasov 1 August 2008
International Flight Festival "Hobby Construct Days" edition V. The event took place from 1 to 3 August 2008 at Sacele, Brasov County. We had good weather, same good "hungarian gulas", RC security and loads of flights. We thank the organizers for their hospitality and soul effort to organize, already expecting to return next year and hope to have part of several days as pleasant. Organizer: Mr. Giro Zoltan - Hobby Construct - Brasov.
Alba Iulia June 1, 2008
HIGH FLY meeting, Alba Iulia, held from 29 to 1 June 2008. "...the last pilot left a few hours ago... Special thanks to everyone for radio discipline and compliance with regulations. The incidents number is ZERO. There were some great days for flight. Hope to see you again as soon as possible (including those who could not come now )..." Quote: Lucian Enache, Alba Iulia - organizer.
Rapa Rosie May 1, 2008
Fun Fly meeting, Rapa Rosie, Sebes - Alba Iulia, 7th edition, May 1 to May 4, 2008. A large scale event with approx. 100 transmitters submitted on frequency tables, large participation of modellers and their families, various models, fun contests, prizes, barbeque and good will. We thank the organizers, who are able to make us say after every meeting: we want to go back to Rapa Rosie.
Brasov 3 August 2007
Fun fly meeting "Hobby Construct Days", 4th edition, on the Mircea Zorileanu sport airfield from Sanpetru, between 3 to 5 August 2007. Another successful edition: great atmosphere, altough the rain is always present at this meeting, we flew over and over again and we enjoyed the "hungarian gulas". Organizer: Mr. Giro Zoltan, Brasov.
June 24, 2007 Cluj
Fun Fly meeting "Napoca Air Days", held at the Traian Dirjan airport from Dezmir, Cluj, between 23 to 25 June 2007. We had to our dispozition: flight track with trimmed grass, flight frequency management, access with car to the edge of the runway, 220 V power supply, free beer and good weather. Organizers: Mihai Horea and Andras Babos - Napoca Air Club from Cluj-Napoca, Cluj.
Alba Iulia May 1, 2007
HIGH FLY meeting, Alba Iulia, held during April 27 to May 1, 2007. Perfect organization, great atmosphere, beautiful models and excellent pilots, 3D, glider towing, thermal air stream, F3A, slope, heli, fixed landing, air combat, trophies and prizes. Organizer: Red Sky Club from Alba Iulia.
Rapa Rosie May 1, 2007
Fun Fly meeting, Rapa Rosie, Sebes - Alba Iulia, 6th edition, April 26 to May 1, 2007. "Big band flew a lot, grilled, talked, patrolled the slope, decorated the sky with 3D manouvres, admired the magnificent sunsets; interesting models, nice sponsors, colorful tents, limbo contest with special skill demonstration and an incredible fair play..." Quote: Ovidiu Bora, Alba Iulia - organizer.
Romexpo March 29, 2007
THE NATIONAL SPORT-TOURISM FAIR, EXHIBITION - MODELLSPORT ARTICLES - Romexpo Bucharest, held between March 29-April 1, 2007. As in previous years we have introduced new models, both model helicopters, model aircrafts, model cars and model boats and a wide range of accessories. Mr. Marius Conu, from the Romanian Modellsport Federation and the Proxxon company with various tools and accessories.
June 24, 2006 Cluj
Fun Fly meeting "Napoca Air Days", held at the Traian Dirjan airport from Dezmir, Cluj, between 23 to 25 June 2006. Sunshine, good will, lots of flying "free beer", in one word - excellent. The best impression was given by Mr. Walter Born with his huge trainer and glider towings. Organizers: Mihai Horea and Dorel Pojar, Cluj.
Rapa Rosie May 1, 2006
Fun Fly meeting, Rapa Rosie, Sebes - Alba Iulia, 5th edition covered the period from April 28 to May 1, 2006. It was an exceptional edition, Sierra ModellSport held a raffle, with the big prize being an Ornith helicopter that was won by Silvestru Vitican from Bucharest and the Proxxon company introduced various tools and devices just great to be used in scale models. The star of the meeting was an Easystar which came all the way from Sibiu, with Liciniu Fratila pilot.
Romexpo April 5, 2006
THE NATIONAL SPORT-TOURISM FAIR, EXHIBITION - MODELLSPORT ARTICLES - Romexpo Bucharest, held between 5 to 9 April, 2006. We were delighted to see that many of our customers from Bucharest and other cities came just to visit our booth. For them and for those who we just met at the booth we presented new models and special accessories, and those who wanted, were able to fly models on the simulator.
June 24, 2005 Cluj
Fun Fly meeting "Bistrita Cup", 3rd edition, held in Cluj, between 24 to 27 June 2005. At this edition a model aircraft contest was held, first place for best pilot was obtained by Lucian Enache - Alba Iulia. Participation of numerous pilots and good weather made this meeting memorable. Organizers: Mihai Horea - Cluj, Walter Born - Bistrita, Sierra ModellSport - Botosani.
Rapa Rosie May 1, 2005
Fun Fly meeting, Rapa Rosie, Sebes - Alba Iulia, 4th edition, held between 5 to 8 May 2005. Unfortunately this time the weather was not on our side. We flown less but we compensated with interesting discussions and stories about our models. The most beautiful time of the meeting was great 3D helicopter flight, made by Peter - Germany.
Romexpo April 7, 2005
THE NATIONAL SPORT-TOURISM FAIR, EXHIBITION - MODELLSPORT ARTICLES - Romexpo Bucharest, held between 7 to 10 April 2005. For this participation we want to give special thanks to Mr. Marius Conu from the Romanian Modellsport Federation who invited us to show visitors models and accessories, not just a few photos. For most visitors, our booth was a great and pleasant surprise.
Cluj 27 August 2004
Fun Fly meeting "Bistrita Cup" held in Cluj 27 to 29 August 2004. The great achievement of the "Cup" was our reunion again, those that really keen on scale models. Sun, a lot of flight, cups and diplomas, many stories... everything needed for a successful meeting, so hopefully everything will be back next year. Organizers: Mihai Horea - Cluj, Walter Born - Bistrita and Sierra ModellSport - Botosani.
Suceava 10 August 2004
The National Model Rocket Championship - Suceava 10 to 15 August 2004, organized by the Romanian Modellsport Federation represented by Ioan Zanciu, Bucharest and Silvestru Morariu from C.S.T.A. Suceava. The Sierra ModellSport team made a flight demo with slow-fly models model and sponsored the event with modellsport articles.
Brasov August 6, 2004
Fun Fly meeting "Hobby Construct Days" on Sanpetru airport - Brasov, held between 6 to 8 August 2004. Organisers, Team Hobby Construct, represented by Giro Csabai Zoltan, which put a lot of heart and strived to offer good conditions so that everyone can have a wonderful time. The star of the meeting was the 100 ccm Piper, controlled by Michael, Germany.
Pucioasa June 24, 2004
The National Championship from Pucioasa, Dambovita took place between June 24 to 27 within the Henri Coanda Memorial. The two competitions have gathered a majority of scale control-line model enthusiasts and took place at the Pucioasa Children's Club track. At the same event there was a demo flight made with a model airplane equipped with internal combustion engine.
Rapa Rosie May 1, 2004
Fun Fly meeting, edition number 3 of the Rapa Rosie Flight Festival year 2004, Sebes - Alba took place between April 29 to May 2. Whether some of us have had or haven't had a model airplane, model car or rocket model, the most important thing is that we took advantage of what the organizers gave us: green grass, nature's fresh scented air and exhaust smoke from glow engines.
March 25, 2004 Sinsheim
Scale Models Exhibition - Sinsheim, Germany March 25, 2004. Like the previous edition, the Avira Company - Germany, was presented with models supplied by Sierra ModellSport Botosani, Romania. Also, there were other companies that exposed a lot off different articles, from simple propellers and glow plugs to powerful, sophisticated models of gliders, airplanes and helicopters.
September 12, 2003 Bistrita
Fun Fly meeting "Bistrita Cup", 12.09.2003 - 14.09.2003, Bistrita. During the event, organized by Walter Born - Bistrita, there were two contests, one of model cars and the other of slow-fly models, which you can see waiting for their turn in photos in order to compete, against the small drops of rain that kept falling.
Deva July 21, 2003
The European Championship of RC Gliders Class F3J, 21-27.07.2003, Deva - Hunedoara. There were participants all over from Turkey, Poland, Holland, Germany, England... and Romania. Mugurel Popa - Lugoj, presented in the scale models exhibition two scale models of airplanes from World War II, congratulations. Organizers: Marius Conu and Ioan Zanciu - Romanian Modellsport Federation.
Rapa Rosie May 1, 2003
Starting April 30, 2003 - evening - in the Rapa Rosie area the start procedures for the second modellsport meeting, parachuters, deltas and other maniacs. And lasted until the evening of May 4, 2003. Purpose of the meeting was to meet, fly, grill and know eachother better. Organizer: Ovidiu Bora - Alba Iulia.
March 20, 2003 Sinsheim
Scale models Fair at Sinsheim - Germany, March 20, 2003. At this exhibition AVIRA Company from Germany took part as an exhibitor with models supplied by Sierra ModellSport Botosani - Romania. The participation was a complete success, and by far the most popular models were flying wings. There are also photos with great models from high reputation companies, like robbe, Graupner and others.
Nuremberg January 30, 2003
The International Scale Models Fair, Nuremberg - Germany, January 30, 2003. At this annual exhibition many successful companies participate, including the German company robbe Modellsport which is our main supplier.
Brasov October 19, 2002
At this meeting there was a competition of gliders. At the ceremony, all participants received diplomas and the Cup for the first place was handed to Mr. Ovidiu Gavrilei from Deva. It was a beautiful day with lots of sunshine flight.
Pitesti August 15, 2002
The European Championship of RC Helicopter Class F3C, 15 to 24 August 2002 Pitesti, Geamana airfield. Many models attended with famous pilots from about all countries in Europe. Organizer: Romanian Modellsport Federation, represented by Marius Conu.
Rapa Rosie May 1, 2002
First Scale Models meeting held in the geological reservation of Rapa Rosie from Sebes - Alba Iulia in 2002. There were pilots from Bistrita, Botosani, Bucharest and of course Alba Iulia, that flew with gliders, airplanes, helicopters and parachutes. The barbeque grills and camp fire did not miss.