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GETTING STARTED > Rules for adding a SECOND HAND announcement

Rules for adding an announcement on the SECOND HAND section

This section provides support for second-hand transactions between individuals. Here you can post ads that contain only modellsport items (models, materials and accessories) according to's site profile

- Only second-hand items can be offered, so it is strictly prohibited to sell new products

- This section can be used only by EUROPEMODELS.EU company clients (active in the last 12 months)

- The announcement's title MUST begin with the type of transaction, ie Buy/ Sell/ Trade/ Services. Use true, real, accurate and complete information (description, price, delivery details, contact data)

- Photos must be of the actual product (not photos taken from the internet of a new product, etc.)

- Do not abuse posting just to be on the first page. Posting an ad o
nce a week is enough. It is prohibited to bring the announcement on the first page faster than 7 days

- Users can post up to 5 ads at a time

We reserve the right to eliminate from this offer (without prior notice) any announcement that:
- Presents new products
- It is not related to the modellsport domain
- Does not include photo
- User is not an active client in the last 12 months of EUROPEMODELS.EU

If one or more of the rules above will be broke for three times or more, the user's account will be deactivated

WARNING! EUROPEMODELS.EU assumes no responsibility for the safety of transactions to be concluded between various partners