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Micro Metal Gearmotor 100:1 item no. FFF5144M
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Size: 24 x 10 x 12 mm
Weight: 9.7 grams
Shaft diameter: 3 mm
Gear ratio: 100:1
135 rot/ 6V
Free-run speed @ 6V: 135 rpm
Free-run current @ 6V: 80 mA
Stall current @ 6V: 1600 mA
Stall torque @ 6V: 1.8 kg-cm
Micro metal gearmotor dimensions (units in mm).
The gearbox has a long 9.5 mm, 3 mm-diameter D-shaped metal output shaft, and the brass faceplate has two mounting holes threaded for M1.6 screws.
Motor Accessories:
Wheels and Hubs: The micro metal gearmotor’s output shaft matches our assortment of Pololu wheels and the Solarbotics RW2 rubber wheel. You can also use the Pololu universal mounting hub to mount custom wheels and mechanism to the micro metal gearmotor’s output shaft.
Pololu wheel 42×19mm with micro metal gearmotor.

A pair of Pololu universal aluminum mounting hubs for 3 mm shaft.
Black Pololu 90×10mm wheel on a Pololu micro metal gearmotor.

Pololu 30T track set with drive sprocket mounted on a micro metal gearmotor to the left; idler sprocket is on the right.
Mounting Brackets:
Our mounting bracket (also available in white) and extended mounting bracket are specifically designed to securely mount the gearmotor while enclosing the exposed gears. We recommend the extended mounting bracket for wheels with recessed hubs, such as the Pololu wheel 42×19mm.
Pololu micro metal gearmotor bracket extended with micro metal gearmotor.
Quadrature Encoder:
We offer a quadrature encoder for this motor that works with our extended bracket and 42×19mm wheel and provides feedback about wheel rotation (direction and speed). The encoder can be purchased as an individual unit or as part of an encoder set that includes two encoders, a pair of extended brackets, and a pair of 42×19mm wheels—just pick the particular micro metal gearmotor that best suits your application and you have a solution for closed-
loop motor control.


Encoder for Pololu wheel 42x19mm with wheel, motor, and bracket.

Side view of the encoder for Pololu wheel 42×19mm, mounted to a bracket.
Motor Controllers:
We have a number of motor controllers that make it easy to drive these micro metal gearmotors, including our qik 2s9v1 dual serial motor controller and our programmable Baby Orangutan and Orangutan SVP robot controllers. The inexpensive qik 2s9v1 allows variable speed and direction control of two small, brushed DC motors using a simple serial interface; the Orangutans combine a programmable Atmel AVR microcontroller and dual motor driver all in a single package and make interfacing with the motor drivers simple when you use our Pololu AVR library. All of the above controllers use the TB6612FNG dual motor driver, for which we also offer a simple carrier board.