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Fly Pro 60A Brushless Electronic Speed Controller item no. FLY60PRO
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- Super fine and smooth touch of speed controlling, first-rate accurate linearity and quick-respond speed of throttle.
- Separate voltage regulator IC for MCU(Micro Controller Unit), high capability of anti-interference to decrease the possibility out of control. 
- Low-voltage cut-off protection of battery, blocked rotation protection and throttle signal lose protection, etc. All these functions can prolong the service life of ESC effectively. 
- It can be compatible with a programming card(optional component), which has a simple and visual surface so as to change the parameters conveniently at any time anywhere (reference to the manaul for programming card).
- Good and safe performance of power-on. The motor won’t be started no matter which position the throttle stick is on when the battery is connected. 
- All the ESCs of the series can be attached to battery of Li-XX or Fe. The protection voltage becomes more accurate.
- Automatically adjustment of Timing recommended for outrunner and inrunner motors.
- Direction of motor rotation can be changed by transmitter or programming card.
- BEC has adopted the most advanced designing of Switch mode mastered by the main-controlling chip, combining of FET of extremely low resistor against high frequency, current limit protection, high efficiency of chip up to 93%, which can meet the demand of digital servo of high torque or simulating servo fully.
Constant Current: 60 A
Input: 2 to 6 LiPo/ 6-16 NiCd/ NiMH
BEC: Switch mode 5.5 V/ 6 A

PWM: 8 KHz 
Size: 70 x 26 x 16 mm
Weight: 53 g
Forward/ Stop/ Brake
1 x ESC