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DJI TELLO Mini Drone item no. zDJITEL
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Tello Nano Quadcopter powered by DJI and Intel
This tiny drone uses DJI flight controllers and is built by Ryze Robotics - the perfect beginner drone.

At just 85g, with a 13 minute flight time, the Tello really is a micro drone.
The built in 5mp camera will take stills and 720p video.

The Tello app which controls the drone also offers a number of tricks (flips and bounce mode for example), as well as pre-programmed video functions which help you capture cinematic video sequences with a single tap.
What are the key features of the Tello drone?
5mp camera
720p video
100m image transmission distance
Obstacle avoidance
13 minute flight time
EZ Shot camera functions
WiFi connection
Support for Bluetooth remote controls
Support for VR Headsets for FPV flight
Programmable with Scratch
Is the Tello Safe?

The included propeller guards and obstacle avoidance features means it's safe to use the Tello both inside and out.

Can I fly the Tello as a beginner?
Yes - the Tello is aimed at new drone pilots.
It has a "Throw & Go" feature which will literally let you throw the drone in the air to start flying.
The simple Tello app will allow you to fly using just your smartphone too - meaning the Tello really is the mini quadcopter for everyone!

In the box:
1 x Tello Quadcopter
4 x Tello Prop Pairs
2 x Tello Propeller Guards
1 x Tello Battery

Can I customise the Tello drone?
There are a number of snap on top covers for the Tello available in different colours.
Great for when you've got more than one Tello drone in your household and you need a way to tell them apart.

Can I take pictures with the Tello?
Yes - the 5mp camera on the Tello can take pictures and record 720p video - all of which will be recorded to the mobile device you've connected with the drone.